Mia earned her AKC Championship and won many Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex wins. She was a dog with a sense of humor and liked to play practical jokes on us.  
Conformation is just one aspect of her remarkable ability and we are very proud of her contributions to our breeding program. She was a producer of merit with excellent breed type and OFA good hips, normal heart and eyes.
Marlo’s Mia

Name: CH Marlo’s Doo Mia Didka of Lore CGC

Call name: Mia

Sex: Female

AKC: #WP69456804, DOB 03.31.96

OFA: RO-55870G24F-T Hips good, RO-CA958/69F/C-PI Cardiac normal cardiologist, RO-3147 CERF

Breeders/Owners: Marlo’s Rottweilers

Accomplishments: AKC Championship, multi BOB & BOS winner, producer of merit

Pedigree: CH Von Eppos Didka ex CH Banderas Lili Marlene v Lore

Favorite Activity: Playing practical jokes on Marlene

Favorite movie: MOMMA MIA!”

Favorite Person: Marlene

Favorite Food: chicken

Favorite Song:  Abba - “Momma Mia”

Mia at  8 years

Mia 4 month puppy








CH Bandera’s Lili Marlene of Lore CGC

CH Von Eppo’s Didka

DOB 11.04.89, AKC WG391394, RO-30383F24F, CERF RO-2248/62-94


DOB 02.05.90, AKC #WG447921, RO-31182F24M, CERF RO-1008/15-91

DOB 09.07.85, AKC# WF771583,  RO-14513E25M

DOB 10.24.85, AKC# WF772633, RO-14678F24F

Mia’s Pedigree

Am CH Grunhaus Helinka von Eppo Am CD

Am CH Rodsden’s Sir Uecker v Eppo 

#1 Rottweiler 89 & 90 BIS BISS CH Nelson van het Brabantpark ARC Gold Sire MRC Hall of Fame

CH Bandera’s Kira von Brando

DOB 04.01.85,      AKC# WG072806, RO-15579E33M

Matz von der Dickenheide SchII

Annie von der Wildbergheiden




Momma Mia

Simba van het Brabantpark

Golda van het Brabantpark

DOB 02/27/81, AKC#WF541052, RO-7575

DOB 12/24/81, AKC#WF616288, RO-7357

Am CH Eppo vd Keizerslanden Am CDX Can CD BH  ARC Gold Sire

DOB 12.03.81, AKC# WF701756,  RO-1403N

DOB 02.13.81 - 08.06.91 , AKC# WF606501,  RO-6916

Cleo  v h Hoefeind

BISS Am/Can CH Rodsden’s Berte v  Zederwald Can CD, CDX, ARC Gold Sire

DOB 10.24.85, AKC# WE615223, RO-2720


Am CH Grunhaus Eztrada

DOB 8.05.81, AKC# WE945677, RO-5022-T