Marlo’s Pebbles

Name: Marlo’s Pebbles of Black Onyx

Call name: Pebbles

Sex: Female

Birthday: 8.02.18

Breeders: Marlo’s Rottweilers and Black Onyx Rottweilers

Owners: Marlo’s Rottweilers

Accomplishments: Our little “Cookie Box” and seamstress, and happy AKC pointed show dog.   

Pedigree: Sire: Am Can CH Loral’s Gibraltar of Black Onyx & Dam: CH Marlo’s Pink Mink of Genworks

Favorite Activity: Counter surfing, swimming and  playing with her big ball

Favorite movie: The Flinstones

Favorite Person: Sergio

Favorite Food: chicken

Favorite Songs: Bedrock Twist and The Original Yabba Dabba Doo Song

Thank you to our friends and co-breeders of Black Onyx Rottweilers for sending Pebbles to live with us!

Am Can CH Loral’s Gibraltar of Black Onyx








AKC #WS11117501 Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD1, Heart and eyes normal

Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD1, Heart, eyes & thyroid normal

Hips Good,

Elbows, heart and eyes normal

AKC# WS34137601, Hips Good, Elbows normal/DJD1, Heart & eyes normal,


CH Marlo’s Pink Mink of Genworks

WS40455608, RO-75432G44F-VPI, Elbows DJD1/Normal, RO-EYE1330/47F-PI, RO-CA7279/48F/C-VPI, RO-DE1074/44F-VPI

Ch Enkidu Crni Lotos IPO 1

CH Loral’s Houston CD TDI CGC

RO-65467F24M-PI, RO-EL4998M24-PI, RO-CA1843/26M/C-PI, RO-5083, RO-PA98/24M/P-PI,

RO-76524G24M-VPI, Elbows DJD, RO-LPP1290-34M-PI JLPP clear

Loral’s Troublemaker

RO-72798G26F-VPI, DJD/Normal, RO-CA5438/27F/C-VPI, RO-374020

CH Loral’s Everyone’s Envy CD

CH Rudez Cause I Said So v Baar

CH Loral’s Dynamo CD

Loral’s New York New York CD

RO-62418F25F-PI, RO-CA1108/32F/C-PI,

RO-59437G24M-T, RO-EL3148M24-T, RO-CA1106/55M/C-PI, RO-4469  , EQUIVOCAL

RO-70379F29F-VPI, RO-EL7357F29-VPI, RO-CA3966/27F/P-VPI,  RO-6921

RO-68412G28M-VPI, RO-EL6331M28-VPI, RO-CA3553/18M/C-VPI, RO-6632

Pebble’s Pedigree

Pebbles’ sire: ROCK

Pebbles’ dam: MINKA



Pebbles with Erin at 10 weeks