Ch Marlo’s Bella Luna Angela was a standout from the beginning with her natural stage presence and her ideal Rottweiler head. Her face has both an expression of good character and correct structure. Her nurturing and stable temperament made living with her pure joy.

In conformation she won her first Best of Breed at the tender age of twelve months and finished her A.K.C. championship before the age of 18 months.

But her best performance as a dam, was her gift to the breed. She is a wonderful mother and a Producer of Merit. We are proud of her produce because they represent the Rottweiler daily in Search and Rescue, Schutzhund, Conformation and in their devotion to their families. Her warm cuddly presence is  greatly missed.

Marlo’s Bella 2000 - 2010
Ch Marlo’s Doo Mia Didka of Lore CGC was her mother Lena’s daughter and her  impressive and imposing look commanded everyone’s respect. She always had a verbal opinion to pronounce at almost everything.  Mia, as was Lena, was a formidable protector of her hearth and home.
Mia would always invite others to play tug-a-war with a toy in her mouth and a glint in her eye, but much to her dismay, her verbal protests would often prematurely end the game. Mia was unwittingly the biggest clown of the pack and loving companion to her people. But most impressively she was the very best mother to her pups - - - we all miss our Momma Mia!
Marlo’s Mia 1995-2009
Ch Bandera’s Lili Marlene v Lore was born a head of the pack. She matured into a outstanding representation of the breed with true Rottweiler character in strength of mind and body. 
In the days when dog shows drew a crowd, Lena would defeat an average of twenty to thirty bitches in her class to go on to win winners bitch. She won three majors, which allowed her to accomplish an A.K.C. championship by the of age fifteen months. I had the thrill of taking her in the ring to nab one of the majors at at the Cal Expo show. 
She fulfilled my dreams when she became the No. 1 Rottweiler bitch in the nation for 1992 on my shoestring budget. That was the ride of a lifetime. She was the quintessential show dog, the best brood bitch and my soul mate.  When she left us for the Rainbow Bridge it was too soon and my home lost it’s brightest sunbeam. Although I miss her, sometimes when I look in the litter box, I can see her looking back at me in one of those faces that are related to their great great grand dam.
Marlo’s Lena 1989 - 2001

Ch Marlo’s RJ Baer v Rome was a good dog and he would hand me his paws to cut his nails. He never refused me anything or challenged me ever. He would always let me be the leader of the pack. He was very obedient and loyal. He had a very noble and quiet demeanor. Like his mother, Heidi, he had a big heart and did not need to rule outwardly but instead quietly. He allowed me to have an intact male Bullmastiff live with my four Rottweilers in my home. My memories of when I lived with RJ are of happy joyful times.

Marlo’s RJ 1988 - 1999

Ch Marlo’s Rome da Bratiana CD was a discriminating dog, not clownish but dignified. He had a savior faire, in that he just knew what to do. He was a strong male, the leader of our pack and my soul mate who was protective and possessive of me. When I slept at night, he would take his position at my bedside.  But when it was time for him to leave me for the rainbow bridge, he spent his final days up on the bed at my side.

It was a thrill a minute for me to attain his championship as an owner/breeder handler from the prestigious class of Bred by Exhibitor. I remember being very honored to win major points from the bred by exhibitor class under breeder judge, Barbara Hoard Dillion of Panamint Rottweilers. I also owner handled him to multi BOB wins and multiple group placements.

Marlo’s Rome 1980 - 1990

Ch Hug-a-Rotts Heidi v Axel is a Rottweiler angel. In her life here on earth, she was a very gentle soul and never had a complaint. She gave me a gentleness in my life. She was too good for me and should have lived in a convent with a statue erected, Saint Heidi. She also had great strength inside her and was a formidable protector of hearth and home when needed.

She welcomed KCRA 3 News with all their camera equipment and lights to our home at 11 pm one night just because I said it was okay. She impressed the news crew and represented the Rottweiler breed admirably for their special program which explored a broader perspective about dog breeds in reaction to a recent dog attack that had been in the news. My family of Rottweilers, Heidi, Bella, RJ and Lena represented the Rottweiler breed with pride and strength in front of the cameras that night just as they always did.

Heidi was a dutiful mother. And because of her good gentle temperament I was able to have the strong tempered Lena join our family. 

I am certain Heidi was awarded her wings in heaven and is utilizing them to fly and watch over the rainbow bridge.

My Sweet Heidi 1985 - 1996

Am /Can Ch Jacqueline de Bratiana CD was my first Rottweiler and my teacher. It all started one evening in the early seventies when I was watching my favorite TV show, GUNSMOKE, where I saw a impressive large black dog with tan markings. I was captivated and wondered, what was this breed of dog? After much curiosity, I discovered that it was a Rottweiler. I set out on a quest to get to know the breed.
And it all began with Jackie, my first Rottweiler.  She  was my protector, teacher and best friend. Because of her nothing else would do for the next thirty years except another and another Rottweiler.  
She was fearless, discriminating, smart and had integrity. Everything we attempted together she would show me the way to succeed: obedience, conformation, protection and her best at being a producer of merit. She could do it all.  
Jackie went on to achieve her American and Canadian conformation championship, AKC companion dog obedience title, bronze producer award and a place in my heart forever.  She may have left for the Rainbow Bridge before me but I will join her there someday.

Jackie my first Rottweiler 1976 - 1987

~ "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went" ~

~   Will Rogers 1897 - 1935   ~

Marlo’s Vita 12 / 04 - 12 / 16

Ch Marlo’s Victor’s Victoria was her father’s daughter.  You could see in her the many greats in her pedigree: Bella, Mia, Lena, Victor, Khan, Taz, Cade, Gremlin, Nelson.  She was of more intelligence than the average Rottweiler and had a telepathic ability when it came to the members of her pack.  She was always there for all of us and was  the best part of our home. She was mother earth and our rock. The BEST dog we ever had and she was the very best mother to her pups - - - we all miss our Momma Vita!

American and Canadian CH Marlo’s Victor’s Victoria

Bred by Marlo’s Rottweilers

American and Canadian Champion, producer of merit, ranked #3 bitch and Top twenty overall for 2007 American Rottweiler Club Awards 2007