Marlo’s Bello

Name: VP1 Best Male Puppy, Group Placing Puppy, Multi BOB BOS Puppy and BOB winning Champion Marlo’s Bello Valentino di BR

Sex: Male

Health Checks: AKC# WS57991401, DOB 07/11/17, RO-LPP1342/6M-NOPI, DDC Long coat clear

Breeders: Marlo’s Rottweilers and BR Rottweilers

Owners: Marlo’s Rottweilers

Accomplishments: Bello finished his AKC CHAMPIONSHIP at 7-1/2 mos from the 6-9 puppy class winning 5 out of 6 shows with three major wins and a BOB win, VP-1 Best Male Puppy,  2x BOB, Group II & Group IV and BOS Beginner puppy

Pedigree: CH Marlo’s Bello Vittorio & CH Marlo’s She’s The Cat’s Meow

Favorite Activity: lap dog

Favorite Movie: “Michael”

Favorite Person: Britt

Favorite Food: Meatballs

Favorite Song: “Bruno Mars,“The Lazy Song”









AKC #WS11117501 Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD1, Heart and eyes normal

Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD1, Heart, eyes & thyroid normal

Hips Good,

Elbows, heart and eyes normal

AKC# WS34137601, Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD1, Heart & eyes normal,


Hips Good, Elbows DJD1, Heart and eyes normal


CH Cammcastle Victor Marlo v QR

Hips Good, Elbows DJD1, Heart and eyes normal

Hips Good, Elbows, Heart and Eyes normal

Cammcastle’s Nixe Quail

V1 Multi BISS Select CH Highlander’s Khan-Frontation Silver Sire

CH Marlo’s Doo Mia Didka of Lore CGC

Hips Good, heart, eyes normal

Hips Good, Heart, eyes and thyroid normal

Hips Good, Heart and eyes normal

Hips Excellent,  Elbows and heart normal

CH Marlo’s Bella Luna Angela

Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD1, Heart and eyes normal

7 weeks

7 weeks

7 weeks

5 weeks

7 weeks

7 weeks

4 weeks

4 weeks

10 weeks

9  weeks

9 weeks

4 weeks

4 months

4  months

13 weeks

5 months

Central Sierra Rottweiler Club Sieger Show Saturday 11/18/17

Bello wins VP-1 BEST MALE PUPPY under Judge:  Alfredo Estrada Santiago (FCI Mexico).  Thank you John Ung for handling Bello.

4  months

VP1 best Male Puppy Working Group II & IV / BOB & BOS Beginner Puppy 4-6 month

Handled by Stephanie House

Handled by Erin Maureen Piercy and  Stephanie House

8 months

10 months

Photo by Brenda Garner Walter

13 months

Bello’s Pedigree


at his first weekend show from the

6-9 mo male puppy class

Owner Handled by Britt Briz 

16 months

BOBOH and Group 4 

BOBOH and Group 2 

Bello as a puppy

15 months

4-1/2 months