Marlo’s Goodie

Name: CH Marlo’s Mr Goodbar of Black Onyx

Call name: Goodie

Sex: Male

Health Clearances: DOB 07.06.14, AKC# WS48027901, RO-75983G24M-VPI Hips Good, RO-CA7293/24FM/P-VPI Heart Normal, Elbows Right Normal / Left DJD1, RO-EYE1728/37M-PI Eyes Normal,  RO-LPP1323/42M-PI JLPP Normal / Clear

Breeders: Marlo’s Rottweilers and Black Onyx Rottweilers

Owner: Marlo’s Rottweilers

Accomplishments: BOB AKC Champion from 12-18 puppy class.

Pedigree: CH Loral’s Quest CD - “Johnny”  ex

GCH Marlo’s Belladonna of Quarterwoods - “Bella”

Favorite Activity: Singing

Favorite movie: Looking for Mr Goodbar

Favorite Food: Mr Goodbar and Mrs. Good Cookies

Favorite Song: Khalil ft Big Sean Goodie Goodie Lyrics, “They call me Mr. Goodie Goodie”

Goodie 13 weeks

Goodie at 13 weeks

Goodie 7 weeks

Goodie 8 weeks

Goodie 5 weeks

CH Loral’s Quest CD








Hips Good, Elbows normal/DJD1, Heart and eyes normal

Hips Good, Elbows normal/DJD1

Heart, eyes and thyroid normal

Hips Good,

Elbows, heart and eyes normal

Goodie’s Pedigree

CH Nighthawks Born for Highwood

Crusade Encore von Sahne

Hips good, Elbows, heart and eyes normal

Ch Loral’s Image

Hips good, Elbows, eyes, and patella normal

CH Enkidu Crni Lotos IPO 1

HD A   ED +/-

HD A   ED 0

HD A, ED 1,

RO-CA 5021/31M/C-VPI, RO-361019

Hips Good, Heart & Eyes Normal , Elbows Normal/DJD1

Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD 1, Heart & Eyes normal

Hips good, Elbows, eyes, and thyroid normal

Loral’s Dynamo CD

Hips good, Elbows, Eyes, Patella and Thyroid normal

Ch Loral’s Grant My Wish CD

Hips Fair, Eyes, Patella normal

Am Can CH Nighthawk’s Callgirl v SierraGold CD

Hips good, Elbows, heart and eyes normal

Reach and drive at 14 months  photo by Diana Hom

Goodie in Winners at 12 months

Goodie 12 months

BOW 5 pt major win at 14 months of age at the ARC Regional Specialty Carson City, NV

Goodie at 14 months

Goodie still wet after his bath at 23 months

photos by Britt Briz

Reach and drive at 17 months  photo by Vickie Stansberry

New Champion at 14 months of age at the Bonanza Kennel Club

Photos by Britt Briz