Marlo’s Bandit

Name: AKC CHAMPION Marlo’s BR Time Bandit

Call name: Bandit, aka “Bandito

Sex: Male

AKC/OFA/DOB: AKC WS61515801, DOB 05/30/18, OFA: RO-79171G24M-VPI, RO-CA8606/24M/P-VPI, RO-EYE2705/24M-VPI, RO-DE2095/24M-VPI, RO-LPP3847/24M-PI, Long Coat Clear

Owned and Bred by: Marlo’s Rottweilers and BR Rottweilers

Accomplishments: AKC CHAMPION, Swimmer, “Time Traveller”

Pedigree: V-1 MBM BISS CH Goldshield’s Intimidator RN CGC  &  CH Marlo’s She’s The Cat’s Meow

Favorite Activity: swimming 

Favorite movie: ”Time Bandits” 

Favorite Person: Sergio

Favorite Food: chicken

Favorite Songs: ”Dream Away!”  -- George Harrison

4 mont

9 weeks

9 weeks

9 weeks


Photos by Britt Briz

5 weeks

31 days

7 weeks

35 days

35 days

31 days

17 days

7 weeks

3 weeks

48 days

BISS CH Goldshield The Intimidator CGC








AKC #WS11117501 Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD1, Heart and eyes normal

Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD1, Heart, eyes & thyroid normal

Hips Good,

Elbows, heart and eyes normal

Bandit’s Pedigree

AKC# WS34137601, Hips Good, Elbows Normal/DJD1, Heart & eyes normal,


Hips Good, Elbows DJD1, Heart and eyes normal


V1 BIS BISS Am/Can CH Keerocka’s Entertainer CD, RN, BH, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI

Hips Good, Heart and eyes normal

CHIC, Hips fair, Elbows, Heart and Eyes normal

BOSS CH Heartland Murphy v Ponca ARC Bronze Dam, MRC Hall of Fame

BISS Select CH Crystal’s Topaz v Ponca CD CGC

Hips Good, heart, eyes normal

Hips Good, Heart, eyes normal

CH Von Boylan’s Grand Stand CDX

Chic, Hips Excellent, Elbows, Heart , eyes and thryroid normal

Select CH Fine’s Ciara von Covenant CD

Am/Can CH Montclaire’s Odin v Wyndhurst CD

CHIC, Hips good, Elbows, and Eyes normal

CHIC, Hips good, Elbows, Heart and Eyes normal

9 weeks


7  months

6  months

8-1/2  months

11 months

15  months

23 months